Cyndy Cordell

Cyndy Cordell is the Chief of Staff and Marketing for the Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation (GAP). In conjunction with the President of GAP, she is responsible for the organizational oversight in the areas of marketing and novel clinical trial recruitment activities across the GAP network of research sites (GAP-Net). Additionally, Cordell works with Medicare Advantage Plans and community-based physicians to help them connect their patients to local brain health and Alzheimer’s disease research opportunities. Previously, she served as Director of Healthcare Professional Services for the Alzheimer’s Association. In this role, she was responsible for conducting outreach to healthcare professionals and executing communications campaigns targeted toward patients, clinicians and healthcare systems. During her time, Cordell also worked with the Association’s Policy Office, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the National Institutes of Health, and the Administration on Aging, to bring beneficial policies to people with dementia. She served on the Association’s Medicare Annual Wellness Visit task force and was instrumental in the publication of the workgroup recommendations.

Cordell’s previous roles include President of Remedica USA (now known as AS&K), Vice President of Community Relations and Business Development at Vista Health Systems, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Condell Health Network and co-founder of Ledell, Inc. She has a B.S. degree in Medical Technology from Western Michigan University and an MBA from DePaul University (Chicago).